About SFU Sigmund Freud University

Sigmund Freud University (SFU) is a university accredited by the Austrian Accreditation Councillocated in Vienna, Austria. As a university in the field of Human Sciences, SFU specializes in Psychotherapy Science, Psychology, Medicine, and Law. SFU offers study programmes in Vienna and at the locations in Linz, Berlin, Ljubljana, Milan and Paris. The academic degrees awarded in the individual programmes are Austrian degrees which are recognized in the European Higher Education Area. Learn more about SFU by clicking here.

The Aachen Dental Laser Centre – AALZ GmbH – is the worldwide operating independent leading dental laser institution under the umbrella of the Sigmund Freud University Vienna campus. the Aachen Center for Laser Dentistry (AALZ) has created the first dental laser education institute in Germany. Known for its research in laser-assisted dentistry, it cooperates nationally and internationally with major research facilities.

The implementation of laser technology in dentistry confronts dentists with treatment possibilities whose scientific background, biophysical interactions and extensive theoretical and practical foundations are not standard subjects of academic studies in dentistry. Only with solid training, this scientifically highly sound and innovative treatment method can be used in a therapeutically correct and successful way.

Since its foundation in 1991, the AALZ has been the leading worldwide specialist in dental laser education. AALZ offers recognized and accredited training and helps dental professionals to meet their goals of becoming laser specialists

Offered programs by AALZ: