Laser Safety Course

One-day course with official certification as a Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

(This course is a prerequisite for practical laser use)

The innovative treatment methods of laser therapy include risks for both practitioners and their teams as well as for patients if fundamental technical, biological and physical information about the application and laser safety measures are not or insufficiently known.

We prepare you for safely using lasers by giving you an in-depth understanding of laser physics and laser-tissue interaction. With examples, we clarify the need for safety precautions in the use of lasers in everyday dental practice. We explain statutory regulations, demonstrate their implementation in practice and describe laser application fields. After passing the examination you receive the “Laser Safety Officer” certificate.

Our laser safety courses meet the requirements of the trade associations for obtaining expertise as a Laser Safety Officer. They are officially recognized according to the guidelines of  orientated to EN 60825-1 and ANSI Z136.1. The German course is build upon the suggested curriculum of the German regulations OStrV and TROS “Laserstrahlung”.


  • Introduction to basic laser physics
  • Properties of laser radiation
  • Generation of laser light
  • Biological interaction with laser light
  • Absorption behaviour of laser light in biological tissues
  • Laser parameters and their influence on the the tissue interaction
  • Hazards of laser light
  • Eye damages and laser safety goggles
  • Other risks such as aerosol exposure etc.
  • Measures to minimise and mitigate laser risks
  • Duties of the LSO (Laser Safety Officer)
  • Device safety
  • Treatment room safety
  • Workspace safety
  • Safety checklists