Our best Master program yet!*

*after internal release at SFU university, Vienna

After 18 years of offering the Master program Lasers in Dentistry in Aachen, including several improvements in those years, we are very excited to announce the next big upgrade to our Master. We are shifting our educational center from RWTH Aachen University, where the late Professor Dr. Norbert Gutknecht originally established the program, to SFU Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, Austria. After its internal release at SFU we will start on 3rd October 2022 with the next intake into Lasers in Dentistry. Already today you can reserve your spot in the 2022 class by registering with us (contact details below).

The major upgrade includes:

  • The new Master will be a Master Professional, not a Master of Science, which may have been easy to confuse with a consecutive M.Sc. as opposed to a postgraduate degree. The Master Professional degree makes the new Master easier to identify clearly as a postgraduate degree for a professional. 
  • We upgraded the Master Professional to a full 120 ECTS credit points, over the 60 credit points in the old program. This will also improve recognition in countries outside the European Union as 120 ECTS is normally considered a full-time study.
  • Major improvements involve the studyability of the program. Opposed to the old program, we now focus even more on clinical activity and the time you spend treating your patients in your own office with lasers and taught treatment protocols are counted towards your study time. We keep the program aimed at practicing professionals who study the Master beside their daily duties.
  • To ensure studyability and as little time taking out of your dental work as possible, we combine the presence phase of modules in teaching blocks to minimize travel time and costs when coming to SFU, Vienna.
  • The program is supported by state-of-the-art E-Learning and some shorter modules and seminars are conducted via a virtual classroom, eliminating the need to travel for these modules completely.
  • Practical parts will be conducted in improved, modern facilities at SFU and are support by a wide range of modern dental laser systems from different manufacturers. You will „test drive“ them all, supporting you in your decision process when you want to expand your dental laser equipment. 
  • For those who are not yet established in their own dental offices, we offer support and guidance in the form of an excursion module to our partner university, MIU Misr International University in Cairo, Egypt. Here you can „boot camp“ into laser treatments all day long and learn from doctors who have been trained by us and are close co-workers since many years. Under their guidance you will treat patients yourself. This excursion is of course also available for those participants who do have their own offices.
  • The new updated curriculum focusses on the most recent challenges in modern dentistry, covering topics from periimplantitis, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, pain therapy and photobiomodulation, facial aesthetics and smile design, blood-less surgeries, root canal treatments, periodontal state-of-the-art treatment concepts among others.
  • We now give more time for the master thesis, a common struggle in the old program. We also give more time to study for the exams, removing a major stress factor from the old structure.
  • We intensively evaluated feedback from our past graduates and adopted the new improved curriculum on this valuable information. Now the program consists of 19 modules, which are more distinct and focused than the old module structure. In total, approximately 52 days you will be in Vienna to complete the full program and achieve your degree as Master Professional Lasers in Dentistry.

Detailed Master’s Program description can be found here.

Welcome to our best master program yet!

Registration and applying for a seat in the program

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